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Early Voting: Oct. 13th – Oct. 30th

Election Day: November 3rd

Meet Randy

Meet Randy

Randy Weber is a third generation Texan who has called the Gulf Coast “home” for over 60 years. He has lived in a 20-mile radius his entire life. He is a graduate of Ross Sterling High School, Alvin Community College, and University of Houston Clear Lake.
Happily married to his bride of 41 years, Brenda Weber, a retired schoolteacher, the Webers are actively involved in their church and community and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Randy and Brenda have three children and seven wonderful grandchildren.
Since being sworn in as your representative in January 2013, Mr. Weber has brought Texas pride and conservative values to Congress. Throughout his time in Washington, he has worked tirelessly to make sure your voice is heard and to fight for conservative principles. His time in small business contributes to his commitment to reduce wasteful spending, rollback frivolous regulations, and encourage better community networks.
Meet Randy

Committee Action

Texas 14 is a hub of energy. With five ports, dozens of refineries, and hundreds of petro-chemical plants, Mr. Weber knows the issues backwards and forwards and eagerly looks forward to advances that are on the horizon. There is room for innovation through research and development, and these are opportunities he hears and discusses regularly on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and on the Subcommittee on Energy, which he chairs. Serving as chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy, Mr. Weber strives to promote sane energy policies and drive the energy industry to new heights.
Serving on the Science, Space, and Technology committee affords Mr. Weber the unique opportunity to fight for sound, responsible energy policies meant to unleash America’s potential for energy dominance. Texas 14 is leader in refineries, petro-chemical plants, and liquid natural gas exports.
This Congress, Mr. Weber was appointed to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. As a member of this committee, he works closely with his colleagues, the military, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to determine how to better safeguard and improve our nation’s infrastructure. He has long been a supporter of coastal barrier protection. Everyone on the Gulf Coast knows it’s not a matter of “if” the next hurricane will hit, it’s only a matter of “when.” In building the coastal barrier – complete with floodgates and reinforced infrastructure along much of the coast – hundreds of thousands of families will be protected, and the multi-billion dollar economy that calls Southeast Texas home will be protected from the devastating storm surge.
The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee plays an active role in understanding and addresses the needs of our ports, highways, railways, pipelines, air travel, Coast Guard, and more.

Business Background

Meet Randy
In 1981, Mr. Weber started a small business – Weber’s Air and Heat. His air conditioning company was built with strong work ethic and common sense, both of which he learned from watching his father own his businesses. For 35 years, Mr. Weber owned Weber’s Air and Heat. Any Texan knows the importance of AC in the summertime. Most importantly, they know the importance of a reliable repairman.
During this time, Mr. Weber listened closely to your concerns – about the air-conditioning and the issues that matter to you. He was actively involved in the Republican Party working and mobilizing from the grassroots level. He served as a precinct chairman, elections clerk, and an elections judge. He began serving in an elected capacity in the 1990’s and hasn’t stopped working for you since.
In 2008, Mr. Weber was elected to the Texas State House where he proudly represented District 29. While serving you in Austin, Mr. Weber served on the Border and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and the Public Education Committee. While in the State House he authored landmark legislation that created a statewide human trafficking prevention taskforce, provided additional training to law enforcement, and provided legal protections to minor victims.